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Amber Curtis


Amber Curtis


Amber Curtis

Amber recently relocated to Washington and is thrilled to finally explore the Pacific Northwest. She has been in the medical field for over 20 years, and having a passion for those who suffer from mental health disorders, became a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. Amber works with all ages and genders, but specializes with kids and adolescents. She believes that one should feel comfortable, respected, and supported, no matter their gender, neurodiversity, age, or sexuality. Amber uses a multifaceted and collaborative approach to meet the needs and
personal goals of her clients. She knows that “not one fits all” as each individual has their own unique perspective, vulnerabilities, values, strengths, and priorities. As a trained psychiatric nurse practitioner, Amber will provide education on psychiatric disorders, use of different evidence-based psycho-pharmacological medications, as well as provide integrative and complimentary treatment options.

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