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Tara Candela

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Tara Candela 


Tara has been a registered nurse since 2004, and also spent a few years working as an attorney. She ultimately found that law wasn't the best path for her. Her nursing experience includes practice settings such as maternal child, trauma, general medical-surgical nursing, and clinical nursing education. She has been working in psychiatric and mental health nursing since returning to the nursing profession in 2017. Her career and passion have aligned! 


As far as treatment philosophy goes, she aims to meet folks where they are and to help them develop treatment plans to meet their unique needs. She encourages curiosity and active participation in the development of all aspects of a treatment plan. She evaluates and treats a variety of mental health conditions, with particular interest in bipolar disorder and psychotic disorders. 


She is an East-Coaster who moved to the PNW a few years ago. She's still looking forward to exploring the outdoors. She likes to read,  research, and learn new things, and She loves all things dogs! 

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